Bridge Builders DAO

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If you're looking for a team, you came to the right place
We are looking for talented new members from various online digital communities to come together and create amazing projects on the Platforms we support.
We want you to succeed to we have provided you a list of contents that we offer to get your started on the right path.

Join us !

This is Bridge Builders DAO, a place where Communities and Developers come together to build in brand new spaces. BBD educated new comers to help get them onboarded into the DAO to participate in various activities and contracts we find as a collective organization.

Get Connected

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    ​LinkedIn - Developers Looking for work, Bounties, Contracts
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    ​YouTube - Bridge Builders DAO hosts Educational Content & Public Events
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    ​Twitter - Discover Events, Partnerships and make Connections with BBD
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    ​Telegram - Chat with a BBD Governor and the Entire Community
  • 🎄Linktree - All in One resource for Bridge Builders DAO, save the link on the desktop.
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